Monday, March 23, 2015


I have never been the type to be drawn to books that the main character is a hard core military man. Usually the purpose of the books are just to kill and blow crap up. WAIT! Before you get the wrong idea Gibbs and his mates are ex-military that have turned mercenaries in this book but there so many incredible elements to it also. The story takes place not that far into the future where a drastic climate change is taking place. One of the most realistic future scenarios that I have read. An association of billionaires are using their power and money to take control of all the worlds remaining resources. Within every group there are the good and the bad individuals. Due to the changing world who can you trust? Now that Gibbs is out of the military he is looking for some mercenary work but it is not as easy to get this type of work as it was before such the dramatic change in society took place. Gibbs and his mates get an offer to do a job from the billionaires. The question is should they put themselves in danger for a group they do not know if they can trust? This is such a well written book. This is not the type of book that you will be able to guess what will happen next. All the characters are well written. Marinovich has a great way of giving you just what you need about each character keeping you guessing about who the true villains really are. Marinovich in life is also a wildlife photographer and conservationist giving him a great outlook on what the planet and society will come to in the not so far future. The society portrayed I think was dead on and quite unnerving. CELT will keep you on your toes, you will read past you bedtime, and keep saying just one more chapter. 

Who would I recommend this book to?
To readers who love action and adventure, for the ones who like the battle for good and evil, also all those in between, but also this would be a good look forward for readers who are concerned with what the future will look like. 

"Thank You Wayne Marinovich for allowing me to give CELT an honest review"


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Monday, March 16, 2015

Perfectly Beautiful

A Beautiful Women
 Sitting In The Perfect Spot
Reading A Beautiful Book
With The Perfect Coffee
What A Beautiful Day
                                          ~ Angie Stormer

Sunday, March 15, 2015

GIBBS: The Early Years


This is a novella in the Kyle Gibbs series. It portrays Gibbs childhood and the hell he went through by the hands of a drunken father. I just started CELT the first full book in the Kyle Gibbs series and by reading Gibbs: The Early Years it helped me to understand more about the character and his psyche. It is a short novella but Wayne did a wonderful job of actually making it feel like you just read a full story in just a short time. I would highly recommend that you read this fist before you start the series. Even if you have started reading the series it would be helpful to read Gibbs: The Early Years. Just on it's own it is a great little read. I think Marinovich is an excellent author. So go download yourself a copy. You will not regret it.

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You need to read this book. This book might be fiction but where the story takes place and the dolphin slaughter is true. IGAZI means pain and that is what I felt. There is a part of the book that I could just not hold the tears back any longer. The book opened up my eyes to something that has been well hidden. Wayne Marinovich has written an incredible book. Besides bringing forth this monstrosity into the public eye it contains excellent characters. Wayne does a great job of keeping you on your toes. It is so full of intrigue you will never guess what is going to happen next during the story. This book should be read by everyone. It such is an intense story and well worth your time. 

"Thank you Wayne Marinovich for allowing me to to read IGAZI and give an honest review"

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Monday, March 9, 2015


If I Fall, If I Die is a book that went beyond my expectations of the written word. Michael Christie has a way of writing that the book lulls you with the beauty of its prose. This is not a book that you just read it is something you become a part of. The main character Will has no idea what it is like to leave his home because his mother Diane is agoraphobic. Something changes one day and Will leaves the security of his home. It is amazing to experience the outside world for the first time through the eyes of a twelve year old. Wills mother takes her mental issues to a new level after he goes out into the dangerous world. At times I felt so sad for Diane trapped by fear putting herself into her own prison. At other points in the book Diane's fear was annoying to me. The book is full of adventure. Will never having experienced life outside he has no street smarts and gets himself into a bad situation, can he get himself out of it? There are many other characters that fill this book some good, some bad and due to Michael Christie's imagination they are all extremely interesting. If I Fall, If I Die consists of many twists and turns and you are never sure what will happen next. This book is very much worth your time. Anyone who likes a great read will love this book!

"Snow fell every day after Halloween, as though the lake had picked itself up and thrown itself inland"
~Michael Christie

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