Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Dreams.

Could this be what happens when you fall asleep while reading?
Book Dreams.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Freedom Smells Like

What Freedom Smells Like: A Memoir was written by Amy Lewis. This is actually a sad book. Sad do to her extreme mental issues. Sad because she needed more help mentally and emotionally to understand how out of control her life is throughout the whole story. The book seemed more like fiction than someones actual life. This book when you read it seems like a regurgitation of her feelings and thoughts but little else. She came off as very self centered person. I thought that Amy did not have much respect for others. The characters in the book where not all that developed except for Truth. Truth abused her and Amy keep admitting she was trapped and wanted out but when the end came for Truth she did not say anything about being free from the abuse. She was sad that he was gone. Amy wallowed in her sorrow for years after he passed. She even had a shrine for him. Who really was Truth? All the lies that he told her about who he was. You would think Amy would at least talk with his family about it. The amount of strange spiritual things that happened was a little too much to believe. The book just finally got to a point that the book was making little sense and it became really bizarre. Amy might have hated a lot of things about herself but one part she let us readers know about her that she loved:" I had never lacked sex appeal, and I knew it. It just wasn't a problem for me."  If you want a up close look at mental illness this book might be for you. It just gets hard to read do to the lack of structure and any finesse in the writing.

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    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Learning to Float: Memoir of a Caregiver Husband

    Reading Learning to float: Memoir of a Caregiver Husband gives a very good look into the differences men have compared to women when put into the situation of having to nurture and care for a loved one. Allan Ament became the caregiver of his wife Deloris after she had a stroke. Emotionally at times this book is a little hard to take. Allan's anger towards Deloris's inabilities after her stroke is difficult to read, since Allan is a retired criminal defense attorney he deserves some slack. The book does have humorous parts in it. You will get a good laugh now and then. Their life completely changed as husband and wife. The life they where so comfortable in changed. It took Allan a little while to get comfortable in his new role in the marriage. He did a good job learning what Deloris needed and what his role was. No two strokes are alike so the future is unknown in how much Deloris will progress. "700,000 Americans each year suffer a stroke. It is the third most common cause of death in the U.S.A. after heart attacks and cancer." That information is a little disturbing. 

    This is a very good book to read. It is well written. I think that it would be helpful to people in many difficult and stressful situations. Not just in the case of a stroke. It gave helpful details in how to handle hard and stressful situations. One important thing I learned unless you take care for yourself, you will not be of much help to someone else.

    From the ancient Chinese spiritual masters "Learning to float, we survive"

    "Thank You Allan Ament for giving me the opportunity to review your book" 

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    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    The Face Transplant


    The Face Transplant is a very good story. It is the writing that made it so hard to read. I have never read a book written like this one and it made it very confusing and annoying. The name of the person that was going to speak was written then a comma then what the person said. This made conversations between characters challenging to read. It was like the book was never edited.

    The story is about Dr. Matthew MacAulay who is a surgeon who specializes in facial transplants. When his best friend and mentor Tom is killed Matthew is determined to find out who did it. Now Matthew has got himself into bigger trouble than he knows while trying to get justice for his friend. He is now on the run from individuals determined to kill him also. Alice a supercomputer that seems more like a human then a computer helps Matthew along with Sarah an anesthesiologist, Andy the director of the Facial Transplant Program and Kofi Adebayo who also works at the transplant facility working on computers and other stuff helps Matthew  possibly (cannot say for sure) bringing down the mad and corrupt people involved and staying alive.

    The story itself is very interesting. The concept of future science that is written is something that will get you thinking and a little unnerved. Face transplants and what that could be used for is endless. Someone commits a crime would they steal your face to get away with it? Plus other advanced weapons in the book are very interesting. This book is a fast thriller always keeping you on your toes until the end. It is full of twist and turns and full of surprises. 

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    Friday, February 13, 2015

    Treats For Your Dog & You!

    If you love your dog (furbaby) enough to cook for it this is the cookbook you need. The Dog Treat Cookbook by   is a lot more then just treats. It has stews, burritos, sushi, muttloaf, etc.. All the ingredients are what you and I would eat so you can eat them along with your pet, Really. The recipes call for fresh ingredients such as fresh meats, vegetables (some vegetarian recipes), fruit and a lot of spices. This book comes with 130 recipes so there is a big variety for even the pickiest of eaters. You have the option of complicated recipes were you will be spending a good amount of time cooking for your pooch or smaller easier thing for the person who does not have a lot of time but wants to make something special for their four leg family member. I have issues cooking for myself but I could pull of something that is in this book. Me and my furbaby will be enjoying Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Treats by the pool this summer. I think this would be a great book for anyone who loves their dog.

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    Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    Lounging in a boat

    Lounging in a boat hanging from a tree reading a book.
    Is this your imagination?
    Or a really spectacular life?

    Monday, February 9, 2015

    Book Indulgence

    Books are ready and waiting for you to read their story.
    Indulge in a book today! 

    Picture by Elsbeth Heddenhausen

    Thursday, February 5, 2015


    This is a very informative book. Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon tells how stuxnet it was found by tech-support technicians at VirusBlokAda. At VirusBlokAda it was mainly O'Murchu and Chien that took apart Stuxnet in reverse to see what this virus/worm was made to do. They found it was only to attack specific computers and for what I think was a good reason. The book also discusses in great detail Iran's nuclear program. As we all know they are non-compliant with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), The foreign ministers from France, Germany and the UK (EU3), also the U.S.A. and many other places such as Israel, Egypt also Saudi Arabia.. You will learn in great detail about transforming one type of nuclear matter into another. I came away from this book not only learning what kinds of virus's exist but how they work. The fact that if you have enough money you can buy any type of virus, worm, etc. due to the fact that there are actual businesses that exist that look for exploits in all computer programs and sell them. I found that amazing.  Stuxnet showed everyone how dangerous Iran's nuclear program was to the whole world. But this is just a tip of the iceberg of what the book is about. The book has great footnotes throughout that lists the writers sources and explains information that would otherwise make it a thousand page book. You will find that the footnotes are worth reading! I think this book would be a good read for people interested in computers, nuclear programs and Iran.

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      Sunday, February 1, 2015

      The Memory Of A Salt Shaker


      The Memory of a Salt Shaker is a very unique book. The concept of the story is original and engrossing. Sometimes short stories can lack in completeness but not this one. The book was a full complete story that did not leave you wondering about anything. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a wonderful read. I do not want to write anything about the actual story because I do not want to give anything away.