Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Edge of Awareness



I have had the privilege to review this book before it has been released to the public. I very much enjoyed reading Edge of Awareness written by C.A. Popovich. It is a laid back book that you would enjoy to curl up and relax with. The characters are very well developed as is the book. The story takes place in Michigan with the two main characters being Danna and Maria. Danna runs a grooming school for animals that her mother owns. Danna is a lesbian who has been out as far back as she can remember. Running the school takes up a lot of her time but she has not been in a actual relationship since high school and would really like to settle down with someone not just saturday night flings she meets at the bar. Maria is going through her third divorce. She grew up in a religious family and religion is a large part of her life including singing in a church choir. Maria also owns a hair salon. I like the coincidence that maria does human hair and Danna does animals. Danna and Maria meet when Maria brings her dog Frankie into the grooming school to get his nails clipped. I do not want to give away too much. Sparks do fly between them but Maria has never even thought about women before and is not sure what she is feeling or how it fits into her religious life. Is Danna even willing to risk getting hurt by a straight woman if she gets the opportunity?  Will there just be a friendship between them? This is very much a self discovery book for most of the characters in it. I hope you take the time to read it.

(I received this book through NetGalley for an honest review)  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Neugeboren went in for emergency quintuple bypass surgery and he came out with a bent penis!


The book Open Heart basically is about the medical field and how bad it is. In the first chapter it discusses Jay Neugeboren being misdiagnosed by two different doctors and since he has friends in high places he was able to go to Yale Hospital, getting the best care and the right diagnosis. He had almost 100% occlusion of his heart's arteries and had to have bypass surgery. It goes on about the fact that they really do not know that much about heart disease. Jay also lets us in on a little fact regarding his penis, he got scar tissue due to the catheter he had in it during his surgery, adding up to a bent penis. Thank you for sharing Jay. There was a lot said regarding how the science and the art of medicine have become dangerously separated, that the doctor for many reasons does not spend enough time with the patient, yet has fancy tools that they might not even be experienced in using trying to pacify the patient. The book tells us everything we already know. Doctors are not trained or have the ability to connect with patients. The book also goes on about topics from AIDS to Psychotherapy. At times it felt disjointed and was not sure why a topic was part of the book. I thought the book was going to be about a man being ill having heart surgery and his journey back to a regular life. I was so far off. 

(I got this book from NetGalley for an honest review)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is the whole family crazy? You need to check this out!

Mother, Mother is a fascinating book. Once you start reading it will be close to impossible to put it down. The characters are so well developed. It is a nonstop physiological thriller. Here is a taste of a small bit of a huge hit.  

The book is about a dysfunctional family the Hursts. The mother Josephine is a ball of crazy while the father Douglas is an alcoholic. The three children Rose, Violet and Will all have their own set of problems. Josephine wants her and her family to appear impeccable to the rest of the world at any cost. Rose is the eldest daughter who is Josephines ballerina doll that will be a star one day no matter what. Is that what Rose wants to do with her life? Violet is the middle daughter who has taken to a religion called "Jainist", shaved her head and is starving herself. Violet is a huge embarrassment to the family. Why would Violet act that way? Is she crazed too? The youngest child Will who has been diagnosed with Asperger's and has seizures. Will will do anything for his mother to make her see how smart and perfect he is to obtain her love. Will made my skin crawl. 

Mother, Mother, is full of twist, turns and surprises. You might think you know what is going to happen next but you will be dead wrong. Is the whole family crazy? That would be for you to read and see. 

        "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Interesting Play On Words


Light reading  
Illustration was done by  Vladimir Kush

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Friday, August 8, 2014

This book was just too bad to read!

I am sure this is a book for a lot of people. When I read the discription I thought the description sounded like a hilarious book. I can say I have never read a parody so I guess all I can think that is they are different from other books in the humor section of books. I did not finish the book. I tried two times. I found that it was too vulgar, and I did not find it funny. The story read like a 8yr. old boy wrote it. I always have finished books that I have started in the past but this was just too much buggers and bathroom humor humor for me. I say STAY AWAY!

!I got this book for a honest review from LibraryThing!

So tell me was I honest enough?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hallucinations Can Kill !!!


The War Veteran is the story of Jack Baker who at 18 years old was one of the men to be on Normandy beach June 6th 1944. Mr. Baker now in his 80's has PTSD and also suffers from fugues do to the massacre he witnessed. The fugues take him back to the 1966 when he was on Normandy beach causing him to suffer the horror repeatedly throughout his life. His wife has passed and a nice lady named claire comes to his house to help care for him. But in this story nothing is as it seems! Something happens that changes everything! But what? Telling any more detail will give away too much. It is a great story and will help people who have not experienced war know how it can destroy and mess with a persons mind. It is exciting, haunting and full of events that will keep you reading until you get to the end. You will not be disappointed, you never will be if you read anything written by Susan May.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

If You Miss This Read You Will Regret It!!

Another incredibly creative novella by Susan May. Susan May has a brilliant imagination. This story is about a family going on a family vacation. On the way to the resort they decided to take the scenic route. During the drive their pre-teen boys are fighting the whole time and Pam came down with a horrible migraine. Pams migraine got so bad Michael found a place to stay for the night so she could get control of her pain so she could enjoy the vacation. He came upon a town Broken Springs that had a small bed and breakfast that had accommodations. What else can I say without giving the story away? Nothing. It is so worth taking a half hour or fifteen minutes (depending on how fast you read)to read this marvelous story. 
Entering Broken Springs population 402 as they leave one of them thought the sign might have seen 404 on the population sign this time at a brief glance. 
I hope you are now intrigued.. 
(Given to me for a honest review by Susan May)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Check This Out It Blows Your Mind

My Review
This is the first book that I have read about time travel. The main character Dawn had to keep repeating her sons death over and over. Can she change the outcome? Will she live in this horrible loop in time forever? This is an exciting adventure of a read. The one thing that keep me from giving it the fifth star was that the ending could have been better. What really did happen at the end?
( I received this book from Susan May for a honest review)