Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hallucinations Can Kill !!!


The War Veteran is the story of Jack Baker who at 18 years old was one of the men to be on Normandy beach June 6th 1944. Mr. Baker now in his 80's has PTSD and also suffers from fugues do to the massacre he witnessed. The fugues take him back to the 1966 when he was on Normandy beach causing him to suffer the horror repeatedly throughout his life. His wife has passed and a nice lady named claire comes to his house to help care for him. But in this story nothing is as it seems! Something happens that changes everything! But what? Telling any more detail will give away too much. It is a great story and will help people who have not experienced war know how it can destroy and mess with a persons mind. It is exciting, haunting and full of events that will keep you reading until you get to the end. You will not be disappointed, you never will be if you read anything written by Susan May.

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