Monday, August 4, 2014

If You Miss This Read You Will Regret It!!

Another incredibly creative novella by Susan May. Susan May has a brilliant imagination. This story is about a family going on a family vacation. On the way to the resort they decided to take the scenic route. During the drive their pre-teen boys are fighting the whole time and Pam came down with a horrible migraine. Pams migraine got so bad Michael found a place to stay for the night so she could get control of her pain so she could enjoy the vacation. He came upon a town Broken Springs that had a small bed and breakfast that had accommodations. What else can I say without giving the story away? Nothing. It is so worth taking a half hour or fifteen minutes (depending on how fast you read)to read this marvelous story. 
Entering Broken Springs population 402 as they leave one of them thought the sign might have seen 404 on the population sign this time at a brief glance. 
I hope you are now intrigued.. 
(Given to me for a honest review by Susan May)

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