Sunday, June 29, 2014

Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Inside Out, By Marjie Bowker

Behind Closed Doors by Marjie Bowker

Closing the Door on Pain. Opening the Door to Hope. Following in the footsteps of the nationally recognized We Are Absolutely Not Okay and You've Got It All Wrong, this third true story collection by Scriber Lake High School students explores painful secrets: addiction, incarceration, sexual identity, broken families, abuse, poverty, and death. By giving readers an inside look at the life struggles they've faced, these students are closing the door on painful pasts and opening doors to hope and happiness. Through their personal narratives, they are also reaching out to other teenagers, to let them know they are not alone and that life gets better


Behind closed Doors : Stories From the Inside Out is a book that brings you up close and personal with the turmoil and pain that too large of the population of our Youth go through. The writing might be heartbreaking but it is incredible. You will get mad, cry, and just want to say you are going to be o.k. through the pages to them. They are wise beyond their years and are able to figure it out for themselves that life will get better. This is the first one of the books by the Scriber Lake High School that I had the pleasure to read. I will be getting the rest of the books. I want to say to the young writers in this book that I am proud of you. Never give up. Stay strong you are worth it. And God Bless to all involved in the book.
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Wishing Too Hard, Written by Vee Olane

Wishing Too Hard by Vee Olane
Have you ever wished you could turn back time?
Pregnant Maria has made a mistake, a huge mistake and now her husband Luigi is dead.
If only she didn't have to deal with the fallout; sharing a cramped flat with her sister, trying to keep the restaurant going, and holding down a full time job. And not forgetting the small matter of the father of her unborn child…


I thought this was a wonderful book. I could sympathise with one bad thing happening after another. People make mistakes in their life and she paid a heavy price for what she did with her husbands brother Tony. With all the bad things that happened one after another at least she had her sister for support. Nikki was a strangely developed character, I did not understand how she could be so neglectful to her children, have no job and it seemed at times no morals; Yet be so helpful with decisions that Maria lacked being able to make. I think that Maria was a well enough developed character to at least handle the financial affairs that you need to do after your husband passes. She sure enough handled the men at her job. But it was a great story and wish I had known that there was a book before this because I would have read it first. I hope that she writes another book in this series due to the fact that the ending came too soon.

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Clothing Is Optional...

Reading is Sexy

Friday, June 27, 2014

Early Daze written by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Early Daze

Early Daze is an honest but humorous British drama about the ups, downs and roundabouts that come when your baby is born too soon. 

I got this book from the author to do an honest review, for being what the topic is about it was a very light read. The tone of the book felt as if Jess was at a very long sleep over. Amelia her sister actually stood in the hospital room after Jess gave birth to Samantha and blamed Jess for "the baby falling out early". Jess was not asking questions about all the things her new baby was going through. Most parents would want to know everything. Speaking of parents Samantha's father Ryan just left Jess up at the hospital to deal with everything only showing up a few times. Basically the main topics were that she hated to breastfeed and she was lonely so she almost threw her future away with Ryan. The plot was not strong enough for me. I understand the book was to be about how Jess handled having a preemie baby. It just was not for me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sister Girl by one of my new favorite Indie authors Jonna Ivin

Sister Girl by Jonna Ivin
In the summer of 1967, at the age of four, Tess received two things; a baby sister and the nickname Sister Girl. Neither of which she wanted. Life had been perfect before baby Grace came into their lives. Sure, sometimes Mama got mad at Daddy or Daddy got mad at Mama, but most days Tess enjoyed a regular routine. Eating her cereal while sitting on the floor in her underpants, watching morning cartoons, or visiting with Mrs. Gardner next door was enough to keep her happy. She didn’t see why anything needed to change, but as Mama always said, “Life moves forward and you need to move with it or you’ll get swept away.” 
This humorous coming of age novel by Jonna Ivin takes the reader on a journey through the late 60’s into the early 80’s. You'll fall in love with Sister Girl as she manages to survive a world where grownups teach her how to nail clothes to the floor, hustle money at the track, and play with matches. All the while she manages the overwhelming responsibility of being the big sister to Grace (an increasingly odd child who barks at strangers). 

I wish that I could get everyone to read this book. It is that of a incredible read. Sister Girl is for everyone. You never know what is going to happen next in this book. I was not that far into Sister Girl when I started to feel like I was there with them. Which is strange because all these years of reading books I have never got that lost in a book. I cheered, cried, laughed so hard my sides hurt, and even yelled at my Kindle when I got so annoyed at Nana for hoarding in other peoples spaces. It took place during the time men were learning that they are not the "king of the castle" anymore. Kate was a strong woman and did what was needed to keep her kids safe. She felt like a hero to me. Tess was the strongest in all ways. For Grace you need to read the book to find out. I have to say Jonna Ivin is better than all the big named authors put together. I hope there is a follow up to this book....

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