Sunday, June 29, 2014

Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Inside Out, By Marjie Bowker

Behind Closed Doors by Marjie Bowker

Closing the Door on Pain. Opening the Door to Hope. Following in the footsteps of the nationally recognized We Are Absolutely Not Okay and You've Got It All Wrong, this third true story collection by Scriber Lake High School students explores painful secrets: addiction, incarceration, sexual identity, broken families, abuse, poverty, and death. By giving readers an inside look at the life struggles they've faced, these students are closing the door on painful pasts and opening doors to hope and happiness. Through their personal narratives, they are also reaching out to other teenagers, to let them know they are not alone and that life gets better


Behind closed Doors : Stories From the Inside Out is a book that brings you up close and personal with the turmoil and pain that too large of the population of our Youth go through. The writing might be heartbreaking but it is incredible. You will get mad, cry, and just want to say you are going to be o.k. through the pages to them. They are wise beyond their years and are able to figure it out for themselves that life will get better. This is the first one of the books by the Scriber Lake High School that I had the pleasure to read. I will be getting the rest of the books. I want to say to the young writers in this book that I am proud of you. Never give up. Stay strong you are worth it. And God Bless to all involved in the book.
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