Friday, June 27, 2014

Early Daze written by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Early Daze

Early Daze is an honest but humorous British drama about the ups, downs and roundabouts that come when your baby is born too soon. 

I got this book from the author to do an honest review, for being what the topic is about it was a very light read. The tone of the book felt as if Jess was at a very long sleep over. Amelia her sister actually stood in the hospital room after Jess gave birth to Samantha and blamed Jess for "the baby falling out early". Jess was not asking questions about all the things her new baby was going through. Most parents would want to know everything. Speaking of parents Samantha's father Ryan just left Jess up at the hospital to deal with everything only showing up a few times. Basically the main topics were that she hated to breastfeed and she was lonely so she almost threw her future away with Ryan. The plot was not strong enough for me. I understand the book was to be about how Jess handled having a preemie baby. It just was not for me.

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