Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Freedom Smells Like

What Freedom Smells Like: A Memoir was written by Amy Lewis. This is actually a sad book. Sad do to her extreme mental issues. Sad because she needed more help mentally and emotionally to understand how out of control her life is throughout the whole story. The book seemed more like fiction than someones actual life. This book when you read it seems like a regurgitation of her feelings and thoughts but little else. She came off as very self centered person. I thought that Amy did not have much respect for others. The characters in the book where not all that developed except for Truth. Truth abused her and Amy keep admitting she was trapped and wanted out but when the end came for Truth she did not say anything about being free from the abuse. She was sad that he was gone. Amy wallowed in her sorrow for years after he passed. She even had a shrine for him. Who really was Truth? All the lies that he told her about who he was. You would think Amy would at least talk with his family about it. The amount of strange spiritual things that happened was a little too much to believe. The book just finally got to a point that the book was making little sense and it became really bizarre. Amy might have hated a lot of things about herself but one part she let us readers know about her that she loved:" I had never lacked sex appeal, and I knew it. It just wasn't a problem for me."  If you want a up close look at mental illness this book might be for you. It just gets hard to read do to the lack of structure and any finesse in the writing.

" I would like to thank NetGalley for allowing me to review this book"

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