Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Face Transplant


The Face Transplant is a very good story. It is the writing that made it so hard to read. I have never read a book written like this one and it made it very confusing and annoying. The name of the person that was going to speak was written then a comma then what the person said. This made conversations between characters challenging to read. It was like the book was never edited.

The story is about Dr. Matthew MacAulay who is a surgeon who specializes in facial transplants. When his best friend and mentor Tom is killed Matthew is determined to find out who did it. Now Matthew has got himself into bigger trouble than he knows while trying to get justice for his friend. He is now on the run from individuals determined to kill him also. Alice a supercomputer that seems more like a human then a computer helps Matthew along with Sarah an anesthesiologist, Andy the director of the Facial Transplant Program and Kofi Adebayo who also works at the transplant facility working on computers and other stuff helps Matthew  possibly (cannot say for sure) bringing down the mad and corrupt people involved and staying alive.

The story itself is very interesting. The concept of future science that is written is something that will get you thinking and a little unnerved. Face transplants and what that could be used for is endless. Someone commits a crime would they steal your face to get away with it? Plus other advanced weapons in the book are very interesting. This book is a fast thriller always keeping you on your toes until the end. It is full of twist and turns and full of surprises. 

"Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to do this review" 

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