Monday, March 9, 2015


If I Fall, If I Die is a book that went beyond my expectations of the written word. Michael Christie has a way of writing that the book lulls you with the beauty of its prose. This is not a book that you just read it is something you become a part of. The main character Will has no idea what it is like to leave his home because his mother Diane is agoraphobic. Something changes one day and Will leaves the security of his home. It is amazing to experience the outside world for the first time through the eyes of a twelve year old. Wills mother takes her mental issues to a new level after he goes out into the dangerous world. At times I felt so sad for Diane trapped by fear putting herself into her own prison. At other points in the book Diane's fear was annoying to me. The book is full of adventure. Will never having experienced life outside he has no street smarts and gets himself into a bad situation, can he get himself out of it? There are many other characters that fill this book some good, some bad and due to Michael Christie's imagination they are all extremely interesting. If I Fall, If I Die consists of many twists and turns and you are never sure what will happen next. This book is very much worth your time. Anyone who likes a great read will love this book!

"Snow fell every day after Halloween, as though the lake had picked itself up and thrown itself inland"
~Michael Christie

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