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Unplanned is an incredibly written Christian suspense novel. The book's theme is pro-life and being that I am pro-choice it did not have any bearing on the quality of the book for me. Kennedy comes back to the states to attend Harvard after spending 10 years living abroad in Yanji China with her family. She soon finds herself in a terrifying situation. Kennedy volunteers to take the new pregnancy centers hotline phone for the weekend helping out the pastor who is a family friend. Her first night assisting, she gets an extremely disturbing call on the hotline phone. Kennedy cannot get the details of the call off of her mind. She begins to sleuth around trying to find out all she can about the situation at hand. I do not want to say much more or I will ruin the book but, it gives you a little to chew on. Did this situation change the way Kennedy looked at abortion as always an atrocious thing? Who called the hotline and what caused the call to be so disturbing? You will now have to read the book to find out.
I found this book to actually be a light read even though it deals with atrocious situations. The book is very well written. Unplanned will keep you on the edge of your seat with the captivating plot. If you are pro-choice do not overlook it thinking that this is not a book for you. It will make you think. I hope that this book changes minds of people who think that abortion is wrong in every case. This would be a good read for young adults to the elderly.
To everyone who is reading this you have to look through the eyes of the person dealing with the difficult decision of abortion. In some situations what is right for you might not be the right thing for them. What if the woman is homeless and raped, will you take her and the baby in? Feed them, clothe them, protect them? know matter what you think it is never an easy situation.



  • I started writing Unplanned at 12:15 am on January 1, 2015. The neighbor’s fireworks helped keep me awake. 
  • The first draft of Unplanned was completed in three weeks. 
  • About fifteen percent of Unplanned was composed on my dictation program, where I spoke the words out loud and the computer transcribed them. It had more errors to correct but was easier on my eyes and wrists than typing.  
  • My research for Unplanned included interviews with an OB nurse, a crisis pregnancy center director, an EMT, and an FBI field agent who’s acted in hostage rescues like Kennedy’s.  
  • I went to college just outside of Boston, near where Kennedy studies. 
  • Like Kennedy, I was also a premed student. When I took the MCAT I scored higher on the writing section than on biology. 
  • I have read Crime and Punishment three times, once in high school, once in my college Russian lit class, and once after I graduated. 
  • Twelfth Night is my favorite Shakespeare play. 

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"Thank you, Alana Terry, for letting me give an honest review of your book."

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  1. Thank you so much for the review. I really appreciate hearing your view of it from a pro-choice standpoint. Not everyone would be able to do that with an open mind, and I'm so honored you did!