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The Butterfly Code by Sue Wyshynski 
Publication date: October 15th, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense

My friends say Hunter Cayman’s dangerous. 
They say he's a threat to everyone in town. 
I’m not so sure.
As he stands before me in this crowded club with the lights shining around us, I catch something good under Hunter’s dark facade. Something decent and profound.
I don’t know who or what to believe.
But I will find out the truth.

Aeris Thorne is expecting a restful vacation in the remote town of Deep Cove. But on a stormy night, she meets the alluring and mysterious Hunter Cayman, and her life takes an exhilarating turn.

Aeris is both drawn to him and determined to find out what he’s hiding. It’s clear Hunter has found success with the high-security lab on his vast estate. But what Aeris doesn’t know is that he’s tormented by a secret: the truth behind his research.

As he and Aeris are drawn together, the walls he’s built to protect himself threaten to crumble. At the same time, she begins to wonder if she’s found the key to unraveling her own tragic past. When Aeris’s life is threatened, Hunter is forced to make an impossible decision about her future—one that could change everything.

Chapter One
  I stumble through the red-tinged nightclub haze and wonder if this is what purgatory looks like. Ella and Gage are nowhere to be seen. Did they leave? I hurry out the club door and cold air engulfs me. A gasp bursts from my lips, half relief, half shudder, as the night’s damp fingers creep through my fluttering dress.
Shivering, I wind my arms around my ribs.
That’s when I see him. Dr. Hunter Cayman.
The man the town has been whispering about. The man no one really seems to know. The man my father despises.
He’s across the street, leaning against a steel monster—a low-slung black car, its curves somehow wicked in the night. Rain sparkles like fire on the front hood under the glow of the orange streetlamps. His startling, magnetic intensity pulls at me so hard that I can’t seem to look away.
For a doctor in charge of a research facility, he’s young. Late twenties, maybe. His dark gray T-shirt stretches across his muscular chest. His thumbs are hooked into the pockets of his well-fitting jeans, and his strong forearms are bare to the relentless drizzle. In fact, he seems to enjoy the misty wetness. Like he’s in his element. The way I would be on a beach in Hawaii, a million miles away from this tiny, nowhere town.
Despite the midnight sky, he’s wearing dark glasses. Like the car, they, too, sparkle with rain. His face is rugged, more handsome than beautiful. His strong jaw is shadowed faintly with stubble. I wonder what he looks like when he smiles. If he does smile.
Why is he here? Is he debating whether to go in? Or is he waiting for someone?
For one dizzy, strange moment, I wish he were waiting for me. Aeris Thorne.

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Sue Wyshynski's writing style has been described as immersive, emotional, and action-packed. 

According to Sue, "Writers must do more than write; they must try to speak to the hearts of the world."

The Butterfly Code, coming this fall, is Sue's first New Adult romantic suspense.

Sue wants to connect with you.

We posed 4 questions and asked Sue to come up with 5 answers.

They say what's in your purse says a lot about you. What 5 things are in your purse right now? (besides your phone/keys/wallet)
1. A pen and a notebook
2. Lip balm—right now I'm obsessed with EO balms.
3. Ice water spiked with lime in my stainless steel Contigo bottle
4. Sunblock
5. An audiobook cued up on my phone

In terms of this novel, what are 5 things you're grateful for?
1. Blogs and social media, because it's fantastic to be able to connect with readers.
2. The positive feedback I've had—that's always a gratifying relief.
3. My stand up desk with a view over the Pacific Ocean.
4. Being able to moan—or panic—to close family and friends!
5. My amazing professional support team: my writing colleagues, story editor, copy editor, cover designer, and my advance readers.

Tell us about your thoughts when you set out to create The Butterfly Code. Why do you write?
1. To let people feel.
2. To let people travel by looking at words.
3. To let people peer into a character's most intimate thoughts.
4. To build places, people, and dreams worth longing for.

5. To give people hope.

What are 5 things most readers will never know about The Butterfly Code?
1. My story-editor had me delete a whole character from this novel.
2. Certain elements of the book were written fairly quickly, yet one scene took over 6 months to complete.
3. My main character, Aeris Thorne, inspired me to pick up my violin, which I haven't played since youth orchestra.
4. Until I'd completed The Butterfly Code, I refused my husband's constant requests to let him read even a single word.
5. For 4 months, while plotting this novel, I was Shailene Woodley's stand-in on the George Clooney movie, The Descendants.

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