Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review of Countdown

ISBN: 9781626394711
PRICE $16.95 (USD)
Publisher: Bold Strokes

Andrea Finley is the flight director for NASA’s latest space flight—to the moon. The mission is the first with a woman in charge, and Andrea will stop at nothing to ensure this is a textbook perfect mission. Her personal life is virtually nonexistent, and she has devoted her entire life to this, the pinnacle of her career.

When the mission runs into serious trouble, Andrea has no choice but to call Kenner Hutchings, a brilliant twenty-something whiz kid from MIT with a reputation for living life fast and loose. Kenner is their last chance to save the lives of the seven astronauts entrusted into Andrea’s care.

Andrea doesn’t trust Kenner to get the job done, and Kenner takes it as a challenge to break the reserve of her new boss. Can two strong-willed, powerful women overcome their differences to save the lives of seven others and begin a life they never imagined together?

I love anything science, so my excitement about reading this book was out of this world (No pun intended). Until I started actually reading the book. It is grievous for me to only write a negative review, but I could not find anything positive to contribute and I looked very hard. Only a few sentences regarding space or anything scientific is written about in the book. The author disposed of the plot, making this read a constant fight between the two main characters Andrea and Kenner. An attraction between the two was mentioned repetitively using the same phrase  “throbbing between my legs”. Throughout this entire book they fought regarding nothing in particular then the story concluded with them having intercourse, leaving me to wonder what had I just muddled through. 

The plot is so redundant and mundane. Therefore, no plot twists, nothing spectacular, sensational or even strange. Hey, some substance could have been achieved by adding a green alien. Had the book not been one I needed to do a review on I would have stopped reading at chapter one. Therefore, I had my own countdown until I finished the book.

I would like to apologize to Bold Strokes and Julie Cannon. Yet I must be true to myself and give the review that I think is necessary.    

Julie Cannon is a corporate stiff by day and dreamer by night. She has nine books published by Bold Strokes Books, Rescue Me, Breakers Passion, Descent, Power Play, Just Business, Uncharted Passage, Heartland, Heart to Heart, and Come and Get Me. Julie has also published five short stories in Bold Strokes Anthologies. A recent transplant to Houston, Julie and her partner Laura live on the lake with their two kids, two dogs and a cat.

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