Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Book Giveaway #TheWanderSociety

Keri Smith—author of the phenomenal Wreck This Journal, which has sold over 2 million copies in the US—was browsing at her local bookstore when she stumbled upon strange notes in a worn copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman: “WW will show you the way,” “Solivitur ambulando,”and then “The Wander Society” accompanied by a small thunderbolt symbol. Intrigued, she followed the clues and discovered pamphlets, more hidden messages, and a like-minded professor to help her in her search. Keri Smith compiled all her findings into THE WANDER SOCIETY  a manifesto of a secretive group that extols the notion that in order to find your way and live deliberately, soulfully, you must wander. 

Lavishly designed and packaged with a set of stickers and badges, THE WANDER SOCIETY is a guide to disrupt, subvert, and inspire with the power of walking aimlessly into the unknown. Readers will discover prompts and calls-to-action, as well as how-tos and practical tips and strategies for wandering fieldwork:
  •  A List of Fellow Wanderers: Walt Whitman, Charles Baudelaire, Aristotle, Rebecca Solnit, Thich Nhat Hanh, & more.
  • Secrecy, Or How To Be Invisible: “Camouflage. Hide in plain sight. Dress plainly, in bland colors so as not to attract attention. You are an animal in the wild, able to blend into your surroundings when needed.”
  •  Assignments: Color Tracking, Sound Tracking, Perception Hacking
  •  Document the Wind.
  •  How-To: Make a Wander Badge, Carve a Wandering Stick, Sew a Neck Pouch.
  •    The Wanderer’s Creed: “Let us not be tied down by clocks, schedules, rules, dictates. Let us remember who we were before we learned these things. We are the masters of our own existence.”
  •   Leave Behind: Wander Society stickers, badges, inspirational quotes, How and Why to Make a Wander Society Station. 

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This book is like no other. You do not just sit down and read it. Nope, you participate in the activities within also motivating you to use your imagination. It will inspire people to do strange things, be creative, and of course wander. It is a great book for readers of all ages. I absolutely think it is grand and I think you will too. Come and join The Wander Society with me!    

Keri Smith is a bestselling author, illustrator, and thinker. Her books include Wreck This JournalThis is Not a BookHow to Be an Explorer of the WorldMessFinish This BookThe Pocket ScavengerWreck This Journal EverywhereEverything Is ConnectedThe Imaginary World of... as well as Wreck This App, This is Not an App, and the Pocket Scavenger app. She enjoys spending time with her husband, experimental musician Jefferson        Pitcher, and two children.

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  1. I wander everywhere, where I live...or in the wild!

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    1. Also, I'd love to wander around Great Britain!