Saturday, January 28, 2017

Review ~ TRIGGER by Jessica L. Webb

(A Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery #1)
Published April 12th, 2016 by Bold Strokes Books
Paperback, 264 pages

Dr. Kate Morrison doesn’t know how or why someone would create human bombs that are triggered by touch. But when Sergeant Andy Wyles blocks Kate from touching the patient who collapses in her Vancouver ER, Kate joins the investigation to demand answers, regardless of the danger.

As the two women work together to find those responsible for creating an army of human weapons, Kate finds it increasingly difficult to ignore her feelings for the fiercely protective and unrelentingly perceptive cop.

The investigation escalates, and Kate gradually begins to trust Andy, not only with her safety but also with the difficult details of her past. With lives at risk and her heart on the line, Kate must search for a way to defuse the bombs and save her patients, even as she questions the intensifying connection between herself and Andy.

What a mind blow this book is it’s far from your typical lesbian novel. Why do you ask? Well, for one thing, the plot is not left in the shadows while the two main characters “eyes lock from across the room causing Jane an intense throbbing in her pants making her lightheaded. Later, as the night comes to an end they collide while Jane exits the elevator running straight into Doe who is headed to the ice machine” and we all know what happens next. I am not saying books like these are bad, but they do get redundant. Yes, there is an undertone of infatuation with one subtle sex scene yet the plot stayed prominent in the book.  

Kate didn’t know where to start. Where were they going? What else did they know about patient X? Why were they trying to be inconspicuous? How dangerous was this expedition of theirs? And if she wanted out, was that even possible?
Therefore, it’s suspenseful plot certainly prevails. Pertaining to the statement beforehand, I also flipped on how creative the medical aspect is. Additionally, the details used to create the human bombs is impressive, including making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up due to the realisticness of this possibility. It is also chocked full of twists and turns taking you on a fun rollercoaster ride of what might possibly happen next. I shall admit Andy Wyles is my favorite character with her no shit take names later attitude. As well, the crafty techniques that the RCMP and FBI utilized throughout.   
“Folks, we have representatives from five agencies spanning our two countries. Either this investigation is going to prove to be our finest hour, or it’s going to be an inter-agency shit storm. Sergeant Wyles and I plan to make it the former.”
Occasionally, a book comes along that goes above and beyond Trigger is one of them. I highly recommend this book also this is the type of lesbian book there needs to be more of. Congratulations, to Jessica L. Webb on an outstanding first book. Now available book two Pathogen to divulge in.

Jessica L. Webb spends her professional days working with educators to find the why behind the challenging behaviors of the students they support. Limitless curiosity about the motivations and intentions of human behavior is also a huge part of what drives her to write stories and understand the complexities of her characters and their actions.

When she's not working or writing, Jessica is spending time with her wife and daughter, usually planning where they will travel next. Jessica can be found most often on her favorite spot on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.

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