Saturday, July 29, 2017

Spotlight & 3 Book GIVEAWAY of TRUE EAST by Raymond Ahrens

Published July 15th, 2017 by Tasora Books
Paperback, 390 pages
ISBN 1934690864
Katy Givens, thirty and brilliant, learns in a static-filled phone call that her husband Andrew is missing in the Amazon and possibly dead. Although still mourning the death of their infant son, Katy flies to Brazil in search of Andrew, discovering that the man she married has secrets. As the mysteries surrounding Andrew’s disappearance mount, so does the list of shadowy forces benefitting from the recent discovery of oil in the Amazon.

Katy’s field of genetic anthropology proves useful when accounts of the Unnamed Ones, a primitive and possibly pre-human tribe, are rumored to exist in the same valley as the oil reserves. Katy tracks Andrew through the jungle, deciphering riddles he left before disappearing. Along the way, she barters with a Jewish coin merchant, challenges chance with a fortune teller, and argues the merits of prayer with a Jesuit priest, before placing her faith with the indigenous Tadi.


About the Author:
Raymond Ahrens is curious. As a scientist, father, and novelist, he peers under the surface to discover what contradictions lie beneath. His genre of “mythic-realism” synthesizes both the rational and the mythic to arrive at a different way of seeing. His first novel, Drive, explores an old man’s perspective in both a real and imagined world filled with mysteries, myths, and memories. He lives in Newton, MA and Del Ray Beach, FL.

Want a copy of your own?
Well, I have 3 paperback copies available to giveaway!
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  1. This book sounds interesting everyone has a past sometimes you have to know things

  2. I find things about the Amazon very intriguing. I also love books with secrets. :)

  3. This sounds like its going to be intriguing!

  4. I would like to see how she handles all the hurt and to see how strong she is even after losing her son and getting the news about her husband having secrets. Thank you for the chance.

  5. Thanks for being on the blog tour for this one. Good luck to the entrants.

  6. I would love to find out Andrew's secrets and why he's in Brazil! Thanks!

  7. I like that the book is set in the Amazon. It will be fun to see how the story develops and to find out what secrets Andrew has been keeping.

  8. This novel sounds captivating, fascinating and encounter The Jewish coin merchant Interests me greatly since I am Jewish, and the unique story. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Sounds like a good mysterious story!

  10. Thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway! Hope you had a blast!