Friday, November 3, 2017

Review of THE FIRST SIGNS OF APRIL by Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe

The First Signs of April: A Memoir
By Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe
Published September 5th, 2017 by She Writes Press
Paperback, 257p

Wounds fester and spread in the darkness of silence. The swirling reds, oranges, and yellows of fall’s foliage dance alongside Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe like flames as she tears through the winding back roads of the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. Desperate to outrun memories that flood her mind, no matter how hard she rolls her motorcycle’s throttle, she cannot escape them.

Shut down and disconnected, Briscoe has lived her life in silence in order to stay alive. Her grief is buried, and shame is the skin that wraps around her bones—but then, following the brutal murder of a local teacher, she is forced as a grief counselor to face her lifetime of unresolved sorrow. Will she finally be able to crack the hard edges of her heart and allow in the light of truth so real healing can occur?


Do you read memoirs? No! Well, as a reader of multitudes of memoirs, you definitely can put this on your TBR list since it reads like fiction due to its remarkable writing. To begin with, the book is set-up so that it goes back and forth from 1981 when she was in high school and the year 2000 the summer after finishing her doctorate with a nice flow. It effortlessly held my attention till the end.

Generally speaking, even though it is comprised of oodles of sorrow this factor brings forth insight, the wisdom of mental healing, and learning what defines you. Furthermore, Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe focused solely on what was vital to explain her dilemma, nothing more, nothing less, so there is no overload of useless information. Finally, I want to mention how this book opened my eyes causing me to see more clearly regarding past and present situations that are restricting me from being all that I could be. Since nobody should miss out on reading this spectacular memoir purchase yourself a copy above.

Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe is a licensed mental health counselor currently on sabbatical from her private psychotherapy practice in northeastern Vermont. She currently spends her time between Cape Cod, Vermont, and Ireland. She has a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Lesley University and is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and a Certified Trauma Professional. She has been a lecturer for Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Studies St. Johnsbury, Vermont campus. She has contributed to Cape Woman Online and Sweatpants and Coffee magazine. This is her first book. Visit her website, her Facebook, and on Twitter.

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