Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Raising Cubby

Raising Cubby was different than any other book that I have read regarding a father and son relationship. The writing of the book itself was a little stranger than most and I think that is due to the fact that John Robison has aspergers and as he said in the book he communicates differently than most people, so it was probably written exactly as he thinks and speaks. Nothing wrong with it at all it was a good insight into the mind of someone with aspergers. This book is incredibly interesting on how John leads his life and thinks. He is very literal about everything such as when Cubby (Jake) was little he liked to be tossed up in the air but he became to heavy John decided to spin him by his arms in circles (like most kids have) Cubby's mother started screaming his arms are going to come out of the sockets John actually believed it. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments. They went to many interesting places like nuclear power plants, navy ships, rail yards and dams. Cubby loved these things. He was interested in so many things beyond his years.  Some things were slightly disturbing. Like John explaining that stone statues of people or anything really are real but turned to stone by witches. Cubby was a smart child but because of his limitations he got himself into some big trouble with the Feds. You got to read the book to find out the rest! It is worth the read! 

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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