Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What FAITH ?

 The Faith by John Leahy is a very weak plotted book. As the book begins the main character Ella is returning home from rehabilitation due to a problem with cocaine. Ella had a lucrative career as a hedge fund trader before going into rehab. After Ella got clean she decided she did not go back to work due to all this money she has, how much we are never really told but when someone need funds she can write huge checks. Ella meet Alicia who was in a band and became involved with her. Ella moved into Alicia's place. It struck me as strange that Ella started calling herself a lesbian, while both of the characters still wanted to be with men also. That would make them bisexual especially since they both had affairs with men. The writer really messed that up and if you read the book you will find some other strange things in their relationship. Also here is another not right situation that took place in the book. Alicia had a child names Rosie that was 5 years old but Alicia did not want to be a part of her life when she had gotten pregnant because she was in a band that was doing great and did not want to give the possibility of fame up, which did not work out for her. So one day Ella convinces her to be with her daughter and then they are one happy family. The kid is 5 I do not see how that would be possible. Oh that is my mommy! I love you! After never being a part of her life. I do not think so. Ella decides to fund Alicia in a new band and CD all expenses paid. Who just has unlimited money? Through out the book Ella is always surrounded by people with cocaine, everybody has some. Does she relapse or worse. That is not for me to tell. Unless you ask me on this blog and for this one I might give away the ending. 

(I got this book from LibraryThing for a honest review)

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