Monday, November 30, 2015

Twice Lucky

Mackenzie “Mouse” James’s life is all about firefighting. Being a firefighter fills her waking hours, leaving her too tired to think, to socialize, or to put herself out there. A large part of Sarah Macarthur’s success as a doctor is due to the structure and control that she has established to help her cope when all the elements are thrown her way.

A chance encounter late one rainy night brings Mac’s and Sarah’s worlds together. As danger draws closer, they are tested in ways neither had ever imagined. Both must fight far more than fear—they will need to fight for the lives of those they love.

I found this to be book average finding both good and bad characteristics. I will start out with the aspects of the book that I found positive. The prose is descriptive and humorous. Also, the author is creative with her wording. It is innovative making Thomas deaf then providing a connection with sign language between him and Mac who knew sign language since her late brother was deaf and also tying in Nell the deaf dog. Another great aspect is how dedicated Mac is to her job as a firefighter likewise having an immense internal strength.

There are some things about the story that I found faulty. Both Mac and Sarah had not been in relationships for a long time. For Mac, that was due to a tragedy. For me, it did not seem right that they jumped into a full blown relationship so fast. Next the violence at the end was too much. It is incredibly overdone and very brutal. Overall this was not a bad book. It is just one of those reads that you read once and move on.

Thanks to Netgalley for letting me give an honest review

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