Saturday, October 15, 2016


A Fragile Will
Glen Ebisch
Publication date: May 24th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Suspense

When high school English teacher Cassandra Reilly is laid off, she takes a poorly paying part-time job at a local nursing home to make ends meet. Her employment problems may be solved when one of her patients passes away after naming her in his will as the director of a new literary research center. But Cassie isn’t certain she can handle the position, and her doubts increase when she receives a threat against her life.

The lawyer who handles the will proves to be a source of support and comfort, and Cassie hopes their friendship will deepen into love. As the danger increases and Cassie faces her doubts about her own abilities, she begins to develop a new strength of character that will help her achieve her life’s goals.

Meh, That is what I thought about this book. Was this a mystery book? If so, the only mystery is if Cassandra is going to take the job as the director of the new literary research center. There are a couple individuals that were to inherit the very valuable land that the literary research center is to be built upon and they are very upset. Are they angry enough to kill? There are some possible pot shots taken a couple times at Cassandra, but they also could just as well have been coincidental mishaps. The plot is not set up strongly enough for a who done it situation. The story felt repetitive and empty. I am sure there are some readers who will find this story enjoyable it just is not me.  

Thank you, Xpresso Book Tours, for allowing me to give this honest review

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