Thursday, January 1, 2015


All book review websites have a slightly different meaning for their star ratings. On Goodreads 3 stars means you liked the book. On Amazon 4 stars means you liked the book. I liked Head Games. No matter who I received the book from to review I plan on being completely honest. Chuck Rose asked me to do a review of his book Head Games. I enjoyed reading it. I found this book to be more of a mystery than a thriller. The characters in the book are all well developed. Head Games takes place around psychiatrist Dr. Jonah Hoffman. Jonah is doing very well in his life with his psychiatry practice in Manhattan and a wife and two children at home. It appears that maybe Dr. Hoffman is going through a midlife crisis or maybe it is the monotony of his job has pushed him to look for some adventure. Dr. Hoffman decides to break his oath as a psychiatrist and hand over confidential client information to Nathan Price a spy for the U.S.A..

All Jonah has to do is try to get his new clients to confide in him about important information and hand this information over to Price. This information is to help Price stop some very bad things from happening. The book contains some interesting characters. Kolfax who is a big time business man who has no problem with even killing good friends if they do him wrong. Amanda Patterson who is a recent divorced college professor. Amanda's children decided that they wanted to live with their father and is looking for a new agenda in life. Here is something to think about. Why would the government be after a college professor? Is Kolfax so powerful he could destroy the world or maybe a country?

At a point Dr. Hoffman leaves the safety of his office to do some investigating on his own. Is what he is being told really what is going on? Who really is Price? He confides in a couple people that he thinks can help him find the truth. But does he get to the bottom of all this? I really do not want to give much away but here are some things to think about. There are more people to the story. Who comes out alive? Where does Dr. Hoffman go to do some investigating? It has a good ending that I will say. This is an enjoyable book.

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