Friday, January 30, 2015

Not Worth Your Time.


What I Thought Of This Book
This book is ridiculous. The story is about Raymound Reily and how wonderful he thinks he is. At the age of 7 he explains that he has to take care of himself and his mother because his father is a drunk and he was able to do this because he is a strong human being already at that age. Really? Then after he becomes an adult he chooses to live with his mother then with his own children due to the fact that his mother would never talk to him again if he left her. He goes on to write what a powerful human being he is, everything he wanted he achieved effortlessly, nobody can do what he can do and what a wonderful childhood he gave his children. He must be extremely flexible to pat himself on the back so much. A big problem also with the book was the time frame was not right. On one page his grandmother died than a few pages later he was supporting the dead grandmother again. Spelling was an issue also. For some reason he always left the e off of Maine so he was always going to Main. Step away from the book it is not worth any readers time. So glad that I got the book for free.

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