Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Not Fade Away


Not Fade Away is about Rebecca Alexander and her life with a genetic illness called Usher Syndrome type III. Usher Syndrome type III will rob Rebecca completely of her sight and hearing at some point in the prime of her life. Type III being a gradual loss of sight and hearing since her childhood. Rebecca wrote that when she was young she was in denial about her condition and the outcome it will have for her in the future. This book is audaciously positive. I found it very hard to believe that no matter what happens a person finds a positive outlook in it. In a book, as in life, there are both pros and cons. The only thing that was written about as a con was the way her appearance would look like with items such as hearing aids, Cochlear implant and her cane for the blind. She worried if she would still be attractive with these things. Really? Many questions kept coming to me while reading this book, the parts readers were never made privy to, like who walked the dog? The book never really did focus on the smaller parts of her life. The everyday things that we all do that had to become more challenging for her. I do not want to read a sob story but I did want to know the good with the bad. Rebecca did make it very clear that she did not have to worry much because Alan, Caroline, Polly or her mom would figure it out or do it for her. When you start reading this book you think to yourself I could not imagine this happening to me and then half way through the book the reader realizes Rebecca can not either. I think this would be a great read for people who like puff pieces. Oh by the way, how she has written about Alan. It is like they are in an open relationship. I doubt she will ever move past him. With Goodreads two stars means the book was o.k.. I gave Not Fade Away 2 stars because I thought it was an o.k. book. 

I received this book from http://www.librarything.com/ for an honest review.

Rebecca Alexanders website: http://www.rebalexander.com/

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