Sunday, April 26, 2015


Book Description
A couple adopt a depressed hedgehog; a mother is seduced by the father of her daughter's imaginary friend; a man kidnap's his ex-wife's pet turtle. In eight tragi-comic stories, Einstein's Beach House: Stories features ordinary men and women rising to life's extraordinary challenges.

The book Einstein's Beach House has eight eclectic stories. Each story is distinct creating a book that has something for everyone from quirky to sinister. Appel writes in an enthralling way fascinating the reader with how he puts his words and sentences together, making the narrative unlike any you have read before. Each tale in this book is wrapped up with an ending, but each story will definitely leave you with something to ponder afterwards. My favorite tale in this collection is The Rod Of Asclepius. I also enjoyed Einstein's Beach House, Paracosmos, and Sharing The Hostage was utterly delightful. Although I might not have enjoyed all of Limerence the ending was brilliant. This is a book I think all readers will find something enjoyable in and I recommend it to all.

"Thank You Jacob M. Appel for letting me give an honest review about this book"

Paperback: 179 pages
ISBN: 0984940588

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