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Floodlanders is a novella that takes place in 2025 after a severe climate change event that caused water levels to rise flooding major cities. The world has been changed drastically into a place where the strongest survive. This novella is not only about the harsh conditions people have to now endure but of the tragic circumstances that turns a teenager into a man. It is definitely worth the read. With the way our climate is changing you never know this could be our world not that far from now. Floodlanders might be a short story but it lacks in nothing a full book contains. 

The author Wayne Marinovich also has written a series of amazing books: The Journey Of Kyle Gibbs. This is not marked as a part of the series and can stand nicely on its own but it does fits into this series giving you more detailed information of the floodlands. It also explains a character's past who is in the second novel PHOENIX. 

Check out my past reviews on Wayne Marinovich's other books. Now that you have and are interested and excited in reading all his books there is an order I think that fits the short stories in with the Kyle Gibbs series that will get you the most out of your reading experience.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The Best Order To Read In
  1. GIBBS: The Early Years
  2. CELT: The Journey of Kyle Gibbs
  4. PHOENIX: The Journey of Kyle Gibbs


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"Thank you Wayne Marinovich for letting me give an honest review on your book" 

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