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The second book in The Journey of Kyle Gibbs Series PHOENIX  did not disappoint. Did you read CELT book 1? I hope so because it will help you in understanding details and portions of the plot in this book a lot better right away. The great thing about Marinovich's writing is that if you picked up PHOENIX and read it first everything that he mentions in this book is at some point explained even if it took place in CELT unlike a lot of other book series. 

PHOENIX takes place in 2028 not that far into the future. The world has become a different place due to a climate change that has been so drastic life for people is nothing like it was or has ever been. Sea levels have risen so high major cities are flooded and barely habitable. Gibbs and his mates are released from the prison ship they have been locked up on. Their first orders as mercenaries are from the Global Government Collective. They are to take over France's Nuclear plant. Just as in CELT the world is still run by a group of billionaire now called the GGC. Does this new world want to be run by a few select people just because they have the funds to take over the world? As the world settles into it's new surroundings a resistance leader called Vargen has different plans. 
This book goes beyond just killing people and blowing things up. Just like CELT it has so many different levels to it. Such as what the world is like after a massive climate change. Can the world and it's people be bought after such an event or will people come together and take back what is theirs. PHOENIX is full of surprises. The plot races on at full speed and there is not a boring moment to it. If you are the kind of person who likes to guess what will happen next good luck. The twists and turns are like being on a roller coaster ride. This series has something for everyone. There is even a little love story weaved into the plot. Do not think because there is a man with a gun on the cover it is not for you. Never judge a book by it's cover. 

Hey Wayne I need the next book to be finished now!




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