Thursday, July 23, 2015


Award-winning teacher Clary Stone is home for the summer, helping her family and recovering from a personal tragedy. She loves her Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan, hoping to find what’s left of herself in the familiar warmth and safety. At first, the city is the same, but she soon finds things have changed. Clary becomes involved in parts of the town that she’s never seen or known before. The summer’s odd journey leads her to the city’s homeless shelter for small children.

Leefe Ellis manages the shelter and is totally unlike anyone Clary’s ever met. Homeless since the age of three, Leefe reveals another side of life with remarkable courage, honesty, and humanity. Working side by side with the little children, both realize they are fellow travelers, but neither has met another person as completely different as they are from each other. It’s often confusing, sometimes frightening, but always fascinating.

This book pulled at my heart with both sorrow and joy. The plot is a huge eye opener that needs to be more publicized. The prose was not of great depth, but the author did a wonderful job in portraying the seriousness of homeless children. Therefore, also what optimism and ambition can do to make a difference in not only someone else's life but your own. As a reader, you will learn something from this book. Rowlands did a magnificent job developing the main characters Clary and Leefe. I found the descriptiveness in this book spectacular. Though this book is fiction, I hope that the programs for the homeless children in this read are based on fact. Most people think of the homeless as only adults that have mental issues this being far from the actual truth. Everyone falls on hard luck, some worse than others the crushing part is when people cannot get themselves out of this situation. This book helps in understanding the truth for the children displaced due to homelessness. I would like to thank C.P. Rowlands for bringing this issue to the public's attention.

"Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to review this book"

About this author

Born and raised in the Midwest, C.P. Rowlands attended college in Iowa and lived in the southwest and on the west coast before returning to Wisconsin. She is an artist in addition to having worked in radio, sales, and various other jobs. She has two children, four grandchildren, a partner of many years, and some critters. All in all, it’s a happy life.  


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