Monday, July 13, 2015

International Authors' Day 2015 Blog Hop + BOOK GIVEAWAY

What books and authors mean to me
I started this blog due to my love of books wanting to give back to the authors to some degree for what they have given to me. I do not have a favorite author nor do I have a favorite book. I know this sounds strange to many people. I started reading before most children did. As an extremely shy child books were my friends, they were always there for me and helped me escape my fears. Books are a part of what I embody, it does not matter if I loved them or hated them, they have made me the person I am today. Now, as an adult I am disabled being stuck in a broken body is not an easy feat yet, with the help of books I am able to leave the pain behind at times going to places and doing things that have been wondrous. I inhere the essence that authors dream up helping make my world a phenomenal place. I thank all the authors which have made my life so grand taking me on stunning adventures allowing me to see the world through others eyes.

I am not a writer only a reader I believe what this says about books is better than I ever could:

Available in mobi or epub

Lord Alfred Fitzwilliam spends each day in much the same way: caring for his terminally ill wife and trying to lose himself in the dusty tomes that fill his library. Everything changes when he receives a visit from a man representing a clandestine organization operating with the backing of Queen Victoria herself. The group seeks his aid in finding an Arthurian artifact that, legend holds, can cure its bearer of any wound or disease.

Skeptical but desperate to help his wife, Alfred is convinced that the fabled item might actually exist after witnessing a seemingly impossible display of power by the organization's leader, James Nigel. He decides to pursue the treasure, accompanied by an eccentric scholar, a deadly druid, and his best friend, a sardonic bookseller who is far more than he seems. As he follows an arcane trail of clues from the gas-lit streets of London to the wilds of Scotland and deep into ancient catacombs in Italy, Alfred becomes enmeshed in a web of hidden agendas, secret societies, and ancient enchantments. Along the way, he learns a dark secret about Nigel’s past—and the true power of the artifact he seeks.
Steeped in a compelling mythology and filled with unexpected twists, The Camelot Shadow will leave readers stunned, breathless, and wrestling with an impossible question: what do you do with an object that has the power to both save the world and destroy it?

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  1. Hey. I also use books as an escape. Always Keep Fightng and don't give up.

  2. Your "What Books and Authors Mean to Me" is beautiful, Angie! Thank you so much for letting me participate in your blog hop!

  3. Awesome post for the blog hop. You have the perfect background for this website too. I'm not sure if I've read this many books in my life. Keep reading and keeping the faith. - Robert

  4. I think that is so cool. No favorite author, reading helping you forge your character, loved the post...hopping away

  5. Thank you for being part of this blog hop and sharing your love of books, reading, and authors. Reading is an escape so few choose to take. I wish more people would, the world might be a different place. I like your story and can tell how much reading means to you.

  6. Thank You so Much for participating in this Blog Hop!


  7. I like your stack of books image. It's interesting to visit different blogs on this blog hop IAD and discover all the different formats of blogging.
    Suggestion: The font size is too small on your blog. You should increase it to 12 or 14. it makes for better reading

  8. Happy reading!

    Do check out my quirky post too if you fancy.

  9. Reading to escape reality always seems to be a thing amongst readers, its such a great experience most of the time. I wish you the best with your disability *sending happy thoughts your way*

    My International Authors Day Post

  10. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  11. It's great to meet new readers in celebrations like this. Thanks for participating. Love the poem! Nancy’s Blog

  12. Love that list! A book is indeed a friend.

    Happy hopping on the #IAD blog hopping trail.

  13. This book looks very interesting. Thanks for the great giveaway!