Thursday, July 31, 2014

Disposable Children


The book Nobody comes is a true account of Anthony Cleary and his wife Carmel trying to adopt a Romanian child after the revolution against Romania's corrupt communist leader Ceausescu. They had witness horrible conditions on t.v. taking place in that country especially in the orphanages that sparked their desire to rescue a child. The book basically explains all the steps that Cleary had to go through to get a child out of Romania and into the UK. Like a lot of other books I have read the orphanages are in deplorable condition. The children are more abused than actually taken care of. It took a lot of help from a friend he made while getting the run around from both Romania and the UK. Getting anything done when in Romania took bribing with cigarettes,soap,toothpaste and even vodka. Did he get to adopt the child he found? You will have to read the book because I do not like to give away the ending. There were a few things that I did not understand about the situation. His wife did not do anything regarding the adoption. You would think if you wanted to be a mother you would put things on hold and go fight along with your husband. She really was only mentioned less than half a dozen times in the book. Also there was a part whan he had the child but instead of spending time with his possible new child he left it with a stranger for almost a week so he would not have to worry about looking after it and went sight seeing instead. I could not believe it. How bad did these people want to be parents? For those two reasons I had to drop it a star. If you are interested in this topic you would enjoy this book.

"A good indignation brings out all one's powers" ~ Emerson, Journals, 1841

         (I recieved this book for a honest review from LibraryThing) 


  1. Ooohh! I want to read this book! It's difficult to find books like that here in my side of town, or shall I say, country! I love true stories. I hope I could get a copy of that book.^^

    1. It is available on both Amazon UK and Amazon US. I do not know where you are but you can get it both in paperback & kindle.