Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Starfish at a Time

A Starfish at a Time
Join the Steeles on the never ending roller coaster ride of their family life as they share the ups, twists and turns of an ever changing family which now numbers nineteen, with more anticipated. Dana Wynn Steel shares the stories of their special needs children and their adoptions, including one during her battle with breast cancer. 


Reading about how the Steele family grew one child at a time was a joy but also heart breaking at what each child had to endure to get there. It amazed me at how heartless the social service workers are not thinking of the children really at all. You would think the workers would want these children to have a loving family that is what their job is about. After the children finally get to have their forever home and be a Steele for life it is wonderful to read of how the children change and grow for the better. Each child is loved in this family and is encouraged to be whatever they want in this world no matter what their limitations are. The book was written in a format that each child's story was told in its own chapter making it so easy to read. I would recommend this book to everybody. God Bless the Steele family.

It is amazing what can happen when you have full faith in the lord and have a large heart.

(Given to me for review by First Reads @ Goodreads)

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