Monday, July 14, 2014

I Dare You To Read This Book

The Prediction

Mathematical genius Daniel Geller has developed a formula to predict a person’s date of death only to have it rejected by the faculty at Trinity College. Totally devastated Daniel turns his back on the world he once loved.

This book is based on mathematical genius Daniel Geller who developed a mathematical formula that can predict a person's death. Things did not go as planned for Daniel. But you must read the book to figure out why. It is full of great twist and turns. The characters in the book are all very well evolved. You really could not ask for more in a book. It is so well written it is hard to believe that this is Darren Sugrue's first book. I am waiting patiently for his second book. 

Wait! one more thing I learned a great deal of British words while reading this book. It was a fun add on!

I got this book for a honest review.


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